September 2019

26. Sep. 2019

The Youniverse at the MUSIC LAB, Brno, CZ

Thursday 26. september 2019 o 20:00 – 23:00, Music Lab, Brno,CZThe Youniverse creates new musical and visual worlds. With Jerguš Oravec on guitar and Tamma Nižňanská on the microphone, Šimon Vladár on the bass guitar and Adam Olexík on the drums you can expect alternative electro blues innovated by adding psychedelic, funk and rap elements, sensual singing and ecstatic movements. With a couple of extravagant costumes, one crooked tambourine, and a little sexy boys with instruments.

27. Sep. 2019

The Youniverse, Modranské vinobranie, Modra, SK

28. Sep. 2019

Sounds Like This - Modranské vinobranie, Modra, SK

October 2019

9. Oct. 2019

The Youniverse, Rocková Maturita, Bratislava, SK

11. Oct. 2019

Vlado Nosáľ (Queer Jane) solo concert , Eluzína, Banská Štiavnica, SK

12. Oct. 2019

Queer Jane, Literary festival Novotvar 2019, Modra, SK

12. Oct. 2019

The Youniverse, FESTIVAL BARBAKAN, Center of Independent Culture – SNP square 16, Banská Bystrica, SK