How to shop

On our sitewe offer you complete releases of BRUUDER Records in the form of Vinyl (LP, EP,SP), CD or in digital MP3 format. In the digital MP3 format you can buy only entirealbums including the PDF / JPEG booklet - if the booklet is present in therelease. For now we do not sell singles in MP3 formats.


How to shop

1. Selectone of the albums in the RELEASES or ARTISTS section.

2. If youhave found your desired album you want to buy, click on Buy MP3, VINYL, or CD in the Mediasection (bottom right). The album will be added to the shopping cart. You canadd any number of albums. If you are interested in a Physical Edition (Vinyl orCD) and a digital edition (MP3), you can make this order at onc. In this caseyou will be able to download the digital edition right after  it is paid and physical releases will bedelivered to you within five business days of this order.

3. If youhave added the desired products to the basket, click on the CART (in the upper left corner of themain MENU bar).

4. Fill inyour details; please note the correct email address and the functional emailbox. If you would like the order to be sent to other then billing address,please include such address in the Remarks field.

5. Aftercompleting the form, please check the contents of the order, the entered dataand proceed to payment - by clicking on the PAYMENT button. We only accept payments via VISA, VISA Electron,MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club or Discover or other card supported by our securedCardPay gateway.

6. Aftercompleting your order, you will receive an email with all the informationregarding your order and payment. The order will be shipped as soon as thepayment has been credited to our account; if you order a digital edition in MP3format, you will receive a download link from us at the specified emailaddress.

If you donot get an email confirmation from us after a few hours, you have entered anincorrect address or there is a problem with delivering an email. Contact usvia email at

You can find all our digital releases in these online stores or streaming services